Haradhan Das

Haru has over 5 years of experience in WordPress web design and development, and he is also well-versed in digital marketing. He has successfully completed more than 250 projects in just 2 years, receiving excellent feedback from his clients. Additionally, Haru educates people about WordPress, web design, and development. He also provides business consulting services to help them grow their business using websites and digital channel.

Web Designer 99%
Service as described 99%
communication level 98%
Web Designer 99%
communication level 99%
communication level 90%

Jyotirmoy is an ecommerce specialist with over 1 year of experience, excelling in WordPress web design and development, and possessing in-depth knowledge of ECommerce. In just 1 year, he has completed 35+ projects with the best client feedback. Creative, passionate, and dedicated, Jyotirmoy is also a good listener and quick adapter, understanding clients' needs to provide effective solutions. His strong commitment to excellence ensures exceptional results in every project he handles.

Jyotirmoy Khan

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