Refund Policy for PRO FOR WEB

Effective Date: 27-08-2023

Thank you for choosing PRO FOR WEB for your hosting and web solutions needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality services and hosting solutions that meet your requirements. This refund policy outlines the terms and conditions under which refunds will be processed for our PRO FOR WEB services.

1. Advance Payment and Refund Eligibility 

1.1 Advance Payment: We require an advance payment of 50% of the total service cost upon sign-up. This advance payment is meant to establish trust and initiate the project.

1.2 Refund Eligibility: The advance payment is refundable under the following conditions:

No Progress Made: If we are unable to make any progress on your project due to unforeseen circumstances or technical limitations, a full refund of the advance payment will be issued.

Project Cancellation: If you decide to cancel the project before any work has begun, the advance payment is nonrefundable. This is to cover administrative and preliminary work costs.

2. Service Delivery and Refunds

2.1 Service Progress and Content Submission: Once we have made substantial progress on your project and have requested content or design elements from you, the advance payment becomes nonrefundable. At this stage, we have invested time and resources in developing your project.

2.2 Design Revisions: If you provide design elements and we create a design according to your specifications, we offer revision opportunities to ensure it meets your needs. Revisions are intended to refine the design, and reasonable efforts will be made to address your feedback.

2.3 Cancellation After Service Progress: If you choose to cancel the project after we have made significant progress and you have provided the necessary content, the remaining 50% payment will still be due, as we have invested time and resources in your project.

3. Hosting Solutions and Refunds

3.1 Hosting Partners’ Refund Policies: Our hosting services are provided by partners such as Hostinger, Fastcomet, Elementor Cloud, Google Cloud, and others. We follow the refund policies of our hosting partners for hosting-related refunds.

3.2 Refund Eligibility for Hosting: Refunds for hosting services will be processed according to the terms and conditions specified by the hosting partner. Customers are advised to review the refund policies of the specific hosting partner on their website.

4. Intellectual Property and Copy Concerns

4.1 Design Ownership: We respect intellectual property rights. If a design is based on content you provide and you find it unsatisfactory, revisions will be provided. However, if you claim the design is a copy and request a cancellation, the terms of cancellation will follow the “Service Delivery and Refunds” section 2

5. Contact Us

For any inquiries related to refunds, cancellations, hosting, or project progress, please contact our customer support team at [[email protected]].

6. Policy Changes

This refund policy is subject to change without notice. Customers are advised to review the refund policy on our website for updates.

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