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How to create a website with proforweb?
  1. Tell Us Your Ideas In this initial step, you’ll communicate your vision and ideas for the website to Proforweb. This could include the purpose of the website, its target audience, any specific features you want to include, and your overall design preferences. The more information you provide, the better Proforweb can understand your requirements and tailor their services accordingly.

2. Phone Interview for Discussion:
After sharing your initial ideas, Proforweb will likely schedule a phone interview with you. This interview allows for a more detailed discussion about your project. It’s an opportunity for you to elaborate on your ideas, answer any questions they might have, and align your expectations with what Proforweb can offer. The interview helps ensure that both parties are on the same page before moving forward.

3. Website Design Layout & Content:
Once the initial discussion is complete, Proforweb will start working on the design layout of your website. This includes creating a visual representation of how your website will look, including elements like the header, footer, navigation menu, and other design elements. At this stage, you might also need to provide or collaborate on content for the website, including text, images, videos, and any other media.

4. Website Complete – Domain Name and Server:
After the design and content are finalized, Proforweb will proceed to build the actual website. This involves coding, implementing functionality, and integrating the design and content into a cohesive whole. Once the website is complete, you’ll need to choose a suitable domain name for your website. This is the web address that users will use to access your site (e.g., Additionally, you’ll need to select a server to host your website. This server will make your website accessible on the internet.

In summary, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

1. Share your website ideas and vision.
2. Have a phone interview to discuss project details.
3. Design layout and develop content for the website.
4. Website development, choose a domain name, and select a server for hosting.

Keep in mind that this process might vary slightly based on Proforweb’s specific procedures. It’s always a good practice to communicate openly and ask any questions you have to ensure a smooth collaboration.

What is hosting?
Hosting refers to the service of providing space and resources on a server (a powerful computer) that allows your website to be accessible and functional on the internet. When you create a website, the files, images, videos, and other content that make up your site need to be stored somewhere so that users can access them. Hosting companies offer the technology and infrastructure to store these files on their servers and ensure that your website is available and responsive whenever someone tries to visit it online. In essence, hosting is like renting space on the internet to make your website live and accessible to users around the world.
What is domain?
A domain is the unique and human-readable address that people use to access your website on the internet. It’s like the online equivalent of a street address for your home. A domain consists of two main parts: the actual name (like “example”) and the domain extension (like “.com”). Together, they form your website’s web address, such as “”. Domains make it easier for users to find and remember your website, and they play a crucial role in directing visitors to the correct online location.
How We can Transfer Money from Proforweb Wallet to Bank Account?

It’s only possible to transfer if you registered your id as a partner. Click hear for make the transaction. You will get the password on portal.

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